About US


I am Hammad Hassan Khan. I am a Software Engineer with some good programming knowledge. This is my blog which I have made to share my experience and knowledge with you people.

I am interested in two things.

  1. Android Development
  2. Linux Administration

I am working on and learning these two things. So, here I will share everything that I have learned, I am Learning, and also those things which are comforting me along the way.

I also love gadgets, apps and everything around. I like reading about latest mobile devices, laptops, gadgets, apps and cars. So, I will sometime share knowledge about these things as well, but rarely.

Some of my family members and friends will also work on this blog along with me.

If you have any questions, or want to talk or contribute, then leave a comment or fill in the contact form and I will answer you.

You are welcome to leave a comment or use the contact form, if you find something offense for you, or you want to get it removed.

Best Regards,