Android App for Managing Linux Servers, JuiceSSH – SSH Client Recommend for Putty Users

JuiceSSH – SSH Client is recommended for all those Android users who are working as Linux Administrator/SysAdmin. This app is nick named as JuiceSSH. JuiceSSH – SSH Client will let you manage your servers, monitor its load and other related things on your handheld mobile/tablet devices.

One of my favorite features that comes with this app is that it store set of username, password and/or private keys that can be used for multiple connections. Access your Frequently used connections from the main page or connect to a new server by using a set of identities that are already stored here on your handheld device.

I will highly recommend JuiceSSH – SSH Client Android App to anyone working as Linux Administrator/SysAdmin.

Here is the link to JuiceSSH on Android Google Play Store.

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