[Fixed] New TLD / Domain Not Adding to WHMCS Domain Price List (How To)

What was the Issue:

After a long time, my Web Hosting team has decided to add a few more domains to their system for the clients. The issue they were facing was that the new TLD / Domain names were not getting added to the system.

What we were doing:

My team was doing everything right. They were typing in the new TLD / Domain name into the Text Box (Add TLD…), then they were selecting the required options and clicking on Save Changes. After this the page was also reloading and showing Changes Saved Successfully! notice.

But in reality changes were not getting accepted/saved/updated even after Changes Saved Successfully! signal.

How to Fix It:

  1. Login to WHM
  2. Go to MultiPHP INI Editor
  3. Select the correct version of PHP that you are using for the account
  4. Scroll downward until you find max_input_vars
  5. Change the value in the Text Box to 5000 or 10000 
  6. Scroll further down to the bottom and click on Apply button.
  7. Done, Enjoy.

Without WHM:

Those users who don’t have WHM/cPanel installed on their servers, they can simply open php.ini file and find the line max_input_vars. On this line you need to change the value of max_input_vars  to 5000 or 10000. Don’t forget to save the file after changing the value and enjoy the fix.

Let’s get back to your WHMCS Domain Pricing page, add new domain or change price for the existing ones and it will work.



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