Start Learning Android Developing as a Beginner, TutorialsPoint

Here I am with another free resource which you can use to learn Android Development as a beginner. This particular resource is TutorialsPoint website(Link: It also requires that you already have a little bit of programming as a pre-requisite, but only beginner level knowledge is enough to start the journey.

Don’t Worry, if you don’t have beginner level knowledge of Java and OOP programming then UDACITY is recommended for you. You can check out my post How to Become an Android Developer: Beginners Guide (UDACITY).

If you think that you have enough knowledge but don’t know how to use it then TutorialsPoint’s Android guide will help you start your journey. They start from beginner’s level and then progress upwards pretty quickly. They cover all the important topics which are required for developing an Android App. This guide is capable of providing you with enough knowledge and confidence to start developing Android Apps as a beginner.

Feel free to visit there website and see it for yourself.

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