How to Become an Android Developer: Beginners Guide (UDACITY)

Today I am going to share with you my own experience of starting into the world of Android App development. To start developing Android App through this particular route, you need to have a laptop with above average specifications and an active internet connection. Knowledge and other Android Development related downloads are available in the course on Udacity.

If you want to learn Android development as a Beginner then I will suggest joining There are a good number of FREE courses which will lead you on the way to learning Android development.

You can start from Android Development for Beginners course on Udacity if you don’t have any knowledge of Java, XML and OOP (Object Oriented Programming) at all. This course teaches you Android Development starting from the very basic level. If you have good or some beginner level knowledge of Java or XML then it will still clarify your concepts which is required to make this long journey of Android App Development fun for you.

There are many other free courses for Android Development as well. These other course will let you continue your journey and become a proper developer.

My Experience:

I had good knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOP, also known as oops) and Java, plus beginner level knowledge of XML, C and C++, when I started taking beginner level course for Android Development on Udcaity. This course took me from being a beginner Android developer to a good level developer in just a few days. This learning activity was fun and I felt no burden at all during these days.

Android Development for Beginners on Udacity is a highly recommended course for all those who want to learn Android development without any prior knowledge or pre-requisite.

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